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Cover Your World offers a comprehensive range of protection systems, including tarps, barriers, and industrial curtains, to meet all your safety and security needs. Our durable and versatile tarps provide reliable protection against the elements, whether it's for outdoor storage, construction projects, or transportation. With different sizes and materials available, you can find the perfect tarp to safeguard your valuable assets. Additionally, Cover Your World's high-quality barriers and industrial curtains offer effective solutions for controlling access, containing debris, and creating secure workspaces. These customizable barriers are designed to withstand heavy-duty use and provide a safe environment for workers and equipment. With Cover Your World's robust protection systems, you can ensure the utmost protection for your property and personnel in any setting.


All shapes and sizes available – standard and custom sizes. Made from vinyl or poly material. Available in several colours and material weights.


Sneeze guards for commercial offices, restaurants, barber/hair salons, barriers between personal.

Industrial Curtains

Can be used in many applications: create separate work zones. Block industrial hazards without costs of permanent walls.